Lia Monica Rossi Art Deco Sertanejo Lia Monica Rossi - Art Déco Sertanejo - Abertura

The Brazilian Northeast, notably the countryside has created its own Art Deco without steel, without bronze, without skyscrapers. But the geometrical inspiration, the spirit of the play between straight lines and curves is the same as the Art Deco of the rest of the world, albeit with a taste of primitivism. Starting in the 70s, I found certain modernist manifestations of the 30s and 40s in the Brazilian Northeast that, as a designer, I baptized as being Art Deco Sertanejo. This virtual space is a work in progress and will be added to over time, but is destined to be forever incomplete due to the surprises that Art Deco always gives us.
I hope that visitors will compare our Art Deco Sertanejo with Tropical Deco of Miami Beach, as we did in the 80s, as well as Art Deco of Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa.

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