sertanejo. Rustic, back-country, rude.

A discovery that for me would become Art Déco Sertanejo occurred in June, 1972, as I was walking the streets of Caruaru , Pernambuco.
"Buttoned" houses, "Striped" houses, houses "wearing ties"...
what style was this? Back in Rio de Janeiro , none of my architect friends could give me an answer.
The Northeast and the style remained on my wish list.
In 1979, in Campina Grande , Paraíba, I found similar houses again, as well as signs, furniture and objects.
I started to research, photograph, and compare the things I saw in the city with other examples of Art Deco in the world.
But no one in the city had any registry, names, data or dates.

First visions of Art Deco Sertanejo in Campina Grande