In spite of the creativity and diversity with which Art Deco is found in Brazil , its bibliographical references are few and timid.
Pages dedicated to Brazilian Art Deco in the Northeast, if they do exist, are more rare still.
The very affirmation of the existence of a Northeastern Art Deco oscillates between negation and indifference among architects and academics.
The polemics are based on the stylistic and material paucity in relation to European and North American Art Deco.
In 1930, during the economic period of change between wars, Brazil began urbanizing with its agricultural and mercantile profits.
Since they were not old or rich enough to have experienced the Baroque period of Minas Gerais or the Paraense Neo-Classical period, other cities found an adequate aesthetic for new times in post-war Modernism.
American cinema exports the aesthetic of its scenery and spas. Public buildings, businesses, cinemas, bourgeois and lower class residences all reproduce the geometric rationalism of Modernism and the glamour of Hollywood and Miami, each in their own way.

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